My Hero Academia : Season 4 Part 2 (Blu-Ray+Dvd)

My Hero Academia : Season 4 Part 2 (Blu-Ray+Dvd)

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

The battle against overhaul weighs on everyone's hearts as the students of Class 1-A face the most normal high school thing they've ever done: the school festival. With their Quirks and talents combined, they'll put on a show that will hopefully make all the other students smile! But our heroes aren't the only ones looking for a moment in the spotlight.


Title : My Hero Academia : Season 4 Part 2 (Blu-Ray+Dvd)
Media Format : Blu-ray
Subject : Film Animation
Collection : COMBO BLU-RAY+DVD
Release Date : 16 February 2021
UPC : 704400102073
Internal Code : 3312010
Store Code : 16224570

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