Master of the World: Conqueror of the World (Blu-ray)

Master of the World: Conqueror of the World (Blu-ray)

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement ***

Vinegar Syndrome specializes in the masterful restoration and distribution of cult, horror, and erotic films from the 1960s-90s. At the dawn of human civilization, hundreds of thousands of years ago, war was a way of life, with rivaling tribes and vicious nomads transforming the earth into a non-stop bloodbath. Bog, a young man who dreams of being the leader of not just his tribe, but all of human civilization, begins a bloodthirsty quest for domination, wherein he'll need to fight and conquer both man and beast to truly ascend to the power he so desperately craves. An ultra gory Italian cash-in on the then popular Hollywood trope of ancient-times action/adventure films, notorious genre film auteur Alberto Cavallone's (A Man, A Woman, and a Beast) MASTER OF THE WORLD (aka Conqueror of the World) is a low rent/high sleaze saga of prehistoric man at his most brutal, complete with an array of shocking and dangerous animal stunts to balance out the human-on-human savagery. Never officially released on disc, Vinegar Syndrome brings this gruesome epic to Blu-ray in both it's original Italian and English dubbed versions, freshly restored in 4K from it's 35mm original negative!Bonus Features:1. Region Free Blu-ray 2. Newly scanned & restored in 4K from it's 35mm original camera negative 3. "Quest for Survival" - an interview with assistant director Stefano Pomilia 4. "200,000 Years Ago" - an interview with Davide Pulici, biographer of writer/director Alberto Cavallone 5. Original theatrical trailer 6. Reversible cover artwork 7. English SDH subtitles


Title : Master of the World: Conqueror of the World (Blu-ray)
Director : Alberto Cavallone
Media Format : Blu-ray
Release Date : 22 February 2022
UPC : 814456024448
Internal Code : 3748314
Store Code : 18091620

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